Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Girl~ 2010

This beautiful mule deer doe spent a lot of time in our yard with her twins the past 3 years.. she is old and weathered and wise..a beautiful doe.

I love the character and detail in her face ~ I love her knowledge and instinct to survive ~

On New Years eve.. I photographed her sleeping in the hay stack in my yard.. New Years day.. she stayed there with one of her babies until almost 10.. I worried, because I know she is old, and I know the bitter cold was hurting her old bones.. but when the sun finally shone over the mountain and warmed the bottom of this draw~ she got up ~ and I watched her as she slowly walked down the drive way and headed to water on the creek.

The next morning.. I woke to a loan yearling sleeping in the hay pile.. it hung around for several hours before getting up and cautiously moving down the drive way.. I have not seen my old girl since that day~ but I won’t think of the worst.. because none of the deer have visited my yard since that morning.. the moon has changed and they have gone into a new daily pattern… but I know I will be watching for her~ and hoping she survives another winter to teach another set of twins in the spring..

New site

I have finally graduated from this blog, to an actual web page..
Please update your bookmarks and feeds..
I will be posting photo on from here on out..
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Leaving the title blank today.. would love to hear my readers take on a title for this photo... what would you name this one?

Ground Hogs Day

We don't have ground hogs here in the West.. so today I am posting photos of some of their distant relatives..

But our weather doesn't look anything like the photos above.. it looks more like the photo below.. and I would guess if one of these furry little rodents sticks it's head our of the snow.. It will have a big surprise waiting for it.. ~ A not so friendly/hungry surprise..


I am not sure what the rancher is growing in his back field. Went back to be sure that this crazy doe had not been hit by a car and she gave me the peace sign.. all was good, she was just REALLY enjoying the warmth of the sun, and something in her cud.. lol

Wolf Moon 2010

Last night was the Wolf moon.. they are claiming it was the largest and brightest the moon will be this year.. I know I have personally seen the moon appear 3-4 times as big, but can't say that I recall it being brighter..
~ enjoy your weekend everyone... we are going outside to absorb all the fresh air.


~ Grace ~ Beauty ~ Class ~

State of the Union.

"Stay strong America"

I have heard it said that animals are the first to recognize a disaster.. they are so intune to the world that they live in, they have to be to survive. Before the tsunami's, before humans were even aware of the earthquake.. the wildlife was on the move to high ground.. Before the big earthquakes people recall their pets getting restless and agitated..
Makes me wonder what scared the heck out of this beautiful bird.. this Majestic symbol of American strength and freedom.??.. I don't live anywhere near the ocean, and I did not feel the ground shake.. did you?

I did not post this as an open invite for radical political discussion on any side.. I am Proud to be an American, I will support and stand by those who fight for our great nation and those who have in the past, I Thank you!!. As with my children.. I can still love them even when I don't agree with the choices that they make.. but in the same instance.. we will ALL have to live with those choices, or do something about it.. God Bless America, and each and every one of you~