Attraction. We as humans deal with our natural instincts and urges far differently than our fellow animals. You would never catch a teenage male, of the human species, staring blankly into space in a trancelike posture, strutting around a beautiful female adolescent like the male sand hill crane does.
A silky coated female deer, in perfect health with long sleek lines and those big eyes, will attract the attention of every adult buck within miles, simply by her sweet scent alone.
No human female would ever consider attracting a mate with intoxicating scents and graceful feminine movements.
Human males in their prime would never posture or show off, while in the company of other dominant males and available female counterparts.
No! We humans are far removed from our animal brothers and sisters. Our attractions lie dormant, suppressed by social boundaries and the unspoken rules of being better than the animals that we share this great circle of life with.
I would never be caught admiring the graceful curves, lines and flowing hair of a fellow female human, nor would I allow sweet scent or bright intelligent eyes glancing my, way to draw me into their captivating gaze.
As I sit here writing this post, the temptations of the female nemesis is ever present around me. I see her moving through the house, her intoxicating perfume has captivated my senses, her curves and lines… surely I can try and resist….. But… those brown eyes are looking my way. …
Yes! Attraction is alive and well! I am nothing more than a wild animal, a disgrace to all those who have tried for so long to suppress the animal instincts in all of us. I however will allow myself this one moment of bliss, to simply sit here and stare at my one and only real attraction, and contemplate the instincts that have brought me to this state of mind.
A wild animal? Today, my brothers and sisters, I guess I am…